The commercialisation and ongoing protection of your assets requires diligence and expertise.

IP comprises a broad and increasing range of assets including the formal categories of patents, trademarks, registered designs, copyright, circuit layouts and plant breeder’s rights to the broader areas of domain names, business names, confidential information, trade secrets and know-how.

Closely related to IP is information technology, especially in internet-based environments that impact virtually every business. It is a broad description that encompasses many constantly developing and highly diverse industries.

Our team is highly experienced in advising on IP and IT law and practice, including the implications of technology on operations, strategy and future goals. We advise businesses from start-ups and mature stage innovators to established corporate entities on how to identify, protect, defend, manage and maximise the commercial potential of their IP and IT assets.

    • IP audits for identifying and protecting relevant assets

    • Advice on of corporate and business structuring for start-ups, early stage businesses and mature stage innovators

    • Investment advice related to IP ventures

    • IP and IT commercialisation, including licensing

    • Trade mark, design and domain name registration and protection

    • Computer and high technology licensing and other contracts

    • Software development, maintenance, licensing and support agreements

    • Terms of trade for online applications and platforms, including methods of operation for e-commerce websites

    • Privacy law including online data security

    • Advice on infringement, misleading and deceptive conduct, and passing off

    • E-commerce and IT issues involving formation of contract, jurisdiction issues, and breaches of IP rights

    • Cyber security measures, responsibilities and incident response and management

    • Disputes and cyber squatting

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