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Cloud-based solutions designed to assist our clients in more accessible and efficient ways.

We provide and service an expanding selection of digital solutions to assist our clients in legal compliance, process improvement, obligation management, reporting and more.

Our Digital Solutions

Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) Compliance

Complying with your AFSL obligations is the essential part of your financial services business. Cowell Clarke‘s financial services team has extensive expertise in financial services law. We provide a full range of legal and regulatory services to Australian financial services licence (AFSL) holders and authorised representatives to assist them in ensuring that they are meeting their ongoing compliance obligations.

Contract Management Solution

Relying on outdated spreadsheets or just your memory is a key business risk when it comes to contract version control, monitoring of key dates, and strategic reporting.

ESG Compliance Solution

Businesses of all types and sizes should develop a deeper understanding of their organisation and supply chains to identify opportunities for improved ESG practices.

Franchise Solution

It is time to bring your franchise system management into the 21st century. Eliminate unnecessary administrative costs, legacy manual tasks and paper-based files in your office.

Leasing Solution

Stop missing key dates, rental escalations and insurance expiry dates – as a landlord or rental manager our solution will save you time allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Modern Slavery Compliance Solution

Automate compliance and develop a deeper understanding of your organisation and supply chains to identify risks of modern slavery.

Payroll Compliance Solution

Payroll compliance should not be an afterthought – ongoing compliance is key. When historical review is required, we’re here to help with experience in interpreting complex modern awards.

WH&S Incident Reporting Solution

When workplace incidents and injuries occur, it is important that those involved know what to do and can get the help they need.