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ESG Compliance Solution

Legally backed ESG compliance solution. Take the guesswork out of ESG.

As expectations increase for businesses to investigate and manage their impact on both society and the environment, establishing a strong monitoring framework becomes essential for businesses of every variety.

As we recognise that ESG is an intentionally broad concept, our solution can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and we will work actively with you to support your ESG objectives.

How we help:

  • Modern Slavery compliance and reporting

  • Automate third-party due diligence

  • Clear and customisable risk methodology

  • Build best-practice into internal workflows

  • GHG emissions calculation

  • Robust risk management and control tracking

  • Diversity benchmarking

  • WH&S reporting, management and guidance

  • Whistleblower hotlines and case management

  • Automated supply chain mapping

  • Management of third-party site audits and associated non-compliance management

  • Cyber security assessments and benchmarking

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