We offer Summer Clerkships, PLT placements and ongoing part-time Law Clerk positions.

The Program

Our clerkship and placement programs enable our clerks to experience the broadest range of practice areas, with rotations through property, corporate & commercial, and our various dispute resolution teams. While the focus is on variety, we are also happy to accommodate particular areas of interest.

Summer Clerkships

Applications for 2018/19 Summer Clerkships will open Friday 22 June 2018 and close by 5.00pm Monday 23 July 2018.  

We seek applications from students who are academically excellent but we also place great importance on life experience and extra curricular activities.  Your application should include a covering letter/email, curriculum vitae and a copy of your academic transcript.

PLT Placements

Applications for PLT placement are currently being accepted for 2019. Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae and an academic transcript and should indicate GDLP provider, length of placement sought and preferred timing, if any.

Tax Academy

In light of the growth in the size and capability of Cowell Clarke’s Tax and Revenue practice group in recent years, the firm has introduced a “Tax Academy”.  The Tax Academy promotes the assembly of a highly trained, specialised and efficient Tax and Revenue team.  The Tax Academy recruits undergraduate law students of the highest calibre and provides them with holistic training with a view to the undergraduate ultimately becoming a commercial solicitor with a high degree of tax and revenue law specialisation.

The undergraduate clerks in the Tax Academy have strong interests in commercial law and business generally, and often have a second degree in a commercial discipline. They are able to distil and communicate technically complex areas of the law in a way that will add value for clients. 

Members of the Tax Academy work on a part-time basis with their studies and are afforded a number of opportunities in their work, including:

  • “Hands on” legal work including drafting letters, detailed advices and legal documents;
  • Direct partner contact and feedback on work;
  • Technical and "soft-skill" mentoring by other senior lawyers;
  • Substantial training opportunities including participation in fortnightly update sessions as well as tax intensives and the annual tax retreat;
  • Being part of a highly capable and reputable team; and
  • Working in an environment that is supportive and enjoyable.

Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae and an academic transcript, addressed to Pina Zito, HR Advisor.

What to Expect?

You will have access to and work with senior lawyers who are recognised as being the best in their fields. You will have direct client contact. In addition, every PLT clerk is given an opportunity to work in our corporate & commercial, dispute resolution and property practices.

An element we believe sets us apart from other law firms is the focus that our partners have on creating a supportive and enjoyable work environment. You won't be expected to work 16 hours per day. We recognise that it is not the time you spend at work, but rather what you do when you are there.

We work with you to ensure you make the most of your experience at Cowell Clarke. Our Career Development Program includes supervision by senior lawyers and the opportunity to participate in our Professional Development Program, including sessions tailored especially for you. 


We seek applications from students who are academically excellent. We also place great importance on life experience and extra-curricular activities.

To apply please send your application to addressed to Ms Pina Zito, HR Advisor. Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae and academic transcript (preferably in one pdf attachment).

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