Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination

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Employers can no longer turn a blind eye to issues within their workplace.

Expectations around bullying, harassment and discrimination have evolved significantly over the last several years. Organisations are no longer expected simply to disapprove but to actively create an environment where poor workplace behaviour and attitudes can be exposed and prevented. Employers subject themselves to substantial risk of reputational damage and litigation if they are passive in seeking and delivering prevention strategies and policies.

The Employment team at Cowell Clarke has advised employers of all sizes in a range of different sectors on best practice strategies for eliminating bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We deliver tailored advice and assistance to organisations on how to create positive change within the employment environment that reduces the risk of liability while maintaining commercial and operational viability.

We also have significant experience in advising and representing employers in related disputes and investigations, as well providing guidance and strategy within crisis management.