Employment & Workplace Relations

You need to know your rights and responsibilities at law at the same time as looking after your employees and your business.

Employment and workplace relations govern one of your main business assets - people. Cowell Clarke’s employment law team is experienced in dealing with the broad range of employment and workplace relations matters and for organisations of all descriptions from small business to large multinational corporations and listed companies and a number of large associations in the not‑for‑profit sector. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the legislation and will provide timely advice across the full range of employment related issues. We establish trust and support our clients in resolving issues and managing future risk. When needed, we fight for our clients in the courts and tribunals.

Cowell Clarke frequently deals with sensitive employment and workplace situations. An acute sensitivity to the dynamics of the employer/employee relationship underpins our approach.


  • enterprise agreements
  • union disputes and right of entry
  • Fair Work Ombudsman investigations and prosecutions
  • equal opportunity, discrimination and harassment
  • ICAC investigations
  • post-employment restraints and breach of confidentiality
  • workplace health and safety
  • misconduct investigations and representation
  • workers compensation
  • unfair dismissal, general protections and underpayment claims

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