International Trade

International Trade

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Transacting across international borders is commonplace but brings a level of complexity. Compliance and regulation requirements, not to mention different cultural and business structures and legal systems, present challenges. For many in this scenario, risks and costs can be high.

Cowell Clarke has deep international trade experience and provides expert assistance across a broad range of legal and commercial issues.

  • Government consents and permits, and other regulatory matters

  • Establishment of corporate and business structures and ongoing compliance

  • Investment requirements

  • Foreign Investment Review Board advice and applications

  • Employment & industrial relations

  • Tax issues in Australia and internationally

  • Equity and debt financing, including capital markets, banking, deal and share structuring

  • Asset protection and liability limitation

  • Intellectual property protection, management and commercialisation

  • Foreign corrupt practices and bribery, compliance with Australian and international legislation, formulation and implementation of foreign corrupt practices policies

  • Trade practices, anti-trust and competition law

  • Product liability matters

  • Manufacturing laws and requirements

  • Real estate acquisitions and leasing

  • General business and contract matters

See our guides for Doing Business in Australia and other jurisdictions below.

We are connected to support clients with international business, market intelligence and in-market legal resources virtually anywhere you have business dealings. With membership of ALFA International®, the Global Legal Network, we have established, long term and personal relations with our international connections. We are able to offer local relationships worldwide. We support our Australian clients doing business in other countries and also act for global organisations and internationally based corporates doing business in Australia.

We have established personal connections in 148 countries around the world. This is what our international colleagues say about us:

Harvey Cohen
Dinsmore & Shohl
Cincinnati, USA

For many years, Dinsmore & Shohl has worked with Cowell Clarke for Australian clients doing business in the US and for US clients doing business in Australia. The Cowell Clarke team understands the US environment. They deliver outstanding advice and assistance and understand how US companies operate and what they need from commercial lawyers. Many of our partners have strong personal relationships with Cowell Clarke members. We trust them to get the job done. They are responsive to the needs of us and our clients. Cowell Clarke makes us look good to our clients.

Gero Schneider
Heidelberg, Germany

Over the years we have worked with Cowell Clarke in many different matters by assisting German clients in Australia as well as serving Australian clients in Germany. This cooperation has always been based on a trustful relationship among our firms and regular personal meetings of key contact partners which lead not only to a fruitful business relationship but also to a long lasting friendship among partners of both our firms.

JK Leonard Naman
Howell Smith & Lee
Texas, USA

For almost 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with and to trust Cowell Clarke with the care of my clients. Brett Cowell and his firm have consistently delivered for me and my clients and are a trusted group for our referral needs in their market. They are prompt, efficient, creative and collaborative – always keeping the client’s desires in mind. I rest easy when I introduce clients to Cowell Clarke, knowing that they will be well taken care of in whatever needs they have in his region. Cowell Clarke are top quality people and lawyers.

Gabor Damjanovi Forgo
Damjanovic & Partners Law Firm
Hungary, Europe

Brett is the kind of guy you would like on your side as an advisor. He is the type of lawyer who you can rely on in any issue; business-minded, authoritative and having integrity.

Edward T. Hayes
Leake & Andersson LLP
New Orleans, USA

I have known Brett Cowell for close to a decade, and have worked with Cowell Clarke on international trade and business matters between the US and Australia. Both of our law firms follow international trade policy and dispute settlement matters closely. Cowell Clarke always provides concise and comprehensive advice on cross-border international trade and business matters. Their location in Adelaide places them in the heart of many international agricultural issues, including geographical indications and other intellectual property matters. Brett Cowell and his colleagues are exceptional lawyers and I am proud to refer US clients to them without hesitation or reservation.

Michael Murphy
Carter Conboy
New York, USA

I have worked with Brett Cowell on projects both regional and global in scope. He has the skill and vision to formulate and carry out strategic goals. He also possesses the tenacity to master the details to achieve those goals. I have been impressed by his reservoir of knowledge about Australian business and law. Brett delivers these capabilities to clients from around the world.

Henry Beck
Halloran & Sage
Hartford, Connecticut USA

Having worked with Brett Cowell on ALFA International matters, I personally know him to be an experienced mergers and acquisitions lawyer, an expert on compliance with anti-bribery/corrupt practices laws around the globe and a skilled practitioner in business related legal matters generally. ALFA International's creed is "Local Relationships Worldwide". In an environment in which many ALFA attorneys are successfully striving to demonstrate their dedication to this goal. Brett is a truly exceptional standout. I would unequivocally recommend him and Cowell Clarke to any of my clients.

Marta Rodrigues
L.O. Baptista Schmidt Valois
Sau Paulo, Brazil

The Cowell Clarke team understands the international environment and how different legal structures may be around the world. They deliver outstanding advice and assistance and understand how multinational companies operate and what their needs are from local advisors, especially corporate, commercial and tax lawyers. Many of our partners have strong personal relationships with Cowell Clarke members, built over years of trust and friendship, simply because we know they will get the job done. Not even to mention how responsive and cost effective they are. Our relationship has enabled us to secure long standing clients and we can rest at ease knowing that they will be taken care of.

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