Insights / November 28th, 2023

Going Green - Is It All Good News For Landholders?

On Wednesday 15 November 2023 the Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Act 2023 (SA) (“Act”) passed both houses of State Parliament. The Act received Royal Assent on Thursday 23 November 2023 and will commence on a date to be fixed by proclamation (to be confirmed).

The Act establishes a streamlined regulatory framework for hydrogen and renewable energy projects. The Act seeks to minimise red tape to enable renewable energy project developers (“Developers”) to get their projects up and running.

The Act dramatically changes the existing state of play for the establishment of hydrogen and renewable energy projects in South Australia, with wide ranging ramifications for South Australian primary producers and pastoralists in particular (“Landholders”).

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Going Green - Is It All Good News For Landholders_Nov23

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