Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming

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Carbon farming presents a new world of commercial opportunity.

The Australian carbon market, known as the ACCU Scheme (previously the “Emissions Reduction Fund”) provides incentives for farmers and businesses to increase the storage of carbon within their soil and vegetation and/or decrease their carbon dioxide emissions. Participants in eligible projects under the ACCU Scheme receive one Australian Carbon Credit Unit (“ACCU”) for each one tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent that is sequestered or avoided by their project which can then be traded or used to insert their own emissions.

Cowell Clarke provides expert assistance to clients seeking to engage in carbon farming projects, as well as those who are already engaged in such projects.  We help clients understand and capture the commercial opportunities while protecting their ongoing farming/primary production activities, mitigating risk and dealing with the complex regulatory and administrative requirements. Our team provides a comprehensive advisory service in this space, advising on matters including the appropriate business model and structures for farmers to engage in carbon farming, negotiating carbon farming agreements, tax issues associated with carbon farming projects and the sale of ACCUs as well as ongoing compliance and reporting obligations.