Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

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Corporate governance has arguably become the most important aspect of company business.

As each financial year passes, the importance and scope of corporate governance seems to increase. It is imperative that directors and executives of companies, whether big or small, public or private, are across their legal and fiduciary responsibilities. The consequences of ignorance, misunderstanding, or even unawareness can be commercially and reputationally disastrous for both individual and company.

Cowell Clarke’s team has expertise across the full spectrum of corporate governance, advising on obligations pertaining to disclosure, notice, reporting, duties and decision making. We help clients across all stages of governance, from drafting of constitutions to responding to investigations and allegations. Our team stays up to the minute with legislative and regulatory developments and changes and has comprehensive experience dealing with bodies such as ASIC, the ACCC, APRA, the FIRB, and the ASX.