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We advise SMSF superannuation trustees, financial advisers including licensed accountants and other industry participants on legal and regulatory aspects of operations.

We have expertise in tax implications for superannuation funds and APRA, ASIC and ATO regulation of superannuation funds. Our clients appreciate that we are not just providing legal services but support their daily operations with practical advice and efficient solutions.

For SMSFs we assist trustees, advisers and other participants in:

  • Establishing SMSFs including structuring, compliance, tax and duty considerations

  • SIS Act compliance for SMSFs and advice on regulatory obligations for SMSF auditors

  • Advice and documentation concerning SMSF pensions

  • Death benefit planning including preparation and advice on binding death benefit nominations and reversionary pensions

  • Succession planning associated with SMSFs.

For APRA regulated funds, we have the capability to assist SMSF trustees, advisers and other participants in:

  • Fund structuring including licensing, compliance, tax and duty considerations

  • Preparation and review of fund documentation

  • Preparation and review of disclosure documents and member documentation

  • Regulatory advice and preparation and review of compliance documentation and dealing with regulators

  • Negotiating and documenting arrangements between participants including trustees, investment managers and custodians

  • Due diligence on mergers and successor fund transfers.

SMSF Income Stream Guide

Peter Slegers, Josh Pascale and Daniel Marateo have recently co-authored the third edition of the SMSF Income Stream Guide published by The Tax Institute. This is the definitive guide for persons dealing with SMSF pensions in Australia. This edition explores the latest developments in the tax and legal framework in establishing, maintaining and the succession planning associated with such pensions. Click here to order an electronic copy.

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