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Get Your HR Compliant in 2024: Ensure You Meet the New Compliance Requirements and Getting Ready for 2025 (Webinar)
In-house Event / July 25th, 2024

Get Your HR Compliant in 2024: Ensure You Meet the New Compliance Requirements and Getting Ready for 2025 (Webinar)

2024 has already seen a significant roll out of a number workplace laws. Join us for a five hour masterly crafted training session where we will delve into the critical compliance changes, updates and general procedures in Employment law to better protect your organisation. In the five hour session with Joe Murphy, Director of Employment Law at Cowell Clarke and Zoe McQuillan, Associate Director at Cowell Clarke you’ll gain key insights in:

• The Right to Disconnect: Understand this right and learn how to implement it effectively in your organisation.

• Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Laws: Strategies to prevent workplace discrimination and ensure equal employment opportunities for all employees.

• Bullying and Harassment Policies: Identify, prevent, and address workplace bullying and harassment, and implement effective reporting and resolution procedures.

• Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations: Learn to create and maintain a safe work environment that complies with national and local WHS standards.

• Fair Work Act Updates: The recent changes and amendments to the Fair Work Act, and understand both employee entitlements and employer obligations including closing the loophole acts.

• Minimum Wage and Award Compliance: Ensure employees are paid at least the minimum wage, and grasp the correct application of award rates.

• Casual Employment and Conversion Rights: Discussing the rights and entitlements of casual employees, and the processes for converting casual employment to permanent roles.

• Flexible Work Arrangements: Know employee rights regarding flexible working conditions, and how to effectively implement and manage these arrangements.

• Employee Privacy and Data Protection: Comply with privacy laws related to employee data and adopt best practices for protecting sensitive information.

• Redundancy and Termination Procedures: Navigate the legal requirements for redundancy processes and follow best practices for lawful and ethical employment termination.

• Leave Entitlements: Understand various leave types, including parental, annual, sick, carer’s, and long service leave, and ensure compliance with leave entitlements and accruals.

• Q&A and Networking – An opportunity to ask your pressing question(s) and meet other HR Professions & business owners.

This training will elevate your understanding of crucial employment regulations, empowering HR professionals and business owners to foster compliance, fairness, and safety in the workplace. Secure your spot now and stay ahead, ensuring full compliance with all employment laws. Past attendees have indicated that our in-person event is preferred so we will again run a hybrid event to accommodate those who simply cannot attend in person. If you prefer in-person, click here to register. For those attending in person (which is highly recommended), a delicious complimentary morning tea and lunch will be provided.

About The Presenters

Joe is an employment relations lawyer with over 20 years’ experience specialising in workplace relations at mid-tier and employer associations.

His experience extends to providing advice and representation in matters across Australian tribunals and courts, including the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Courts of Australia. Joe has also successfully represented clients in various inquests and commissions of inquiry, including in the Independent Commission Against Corruption and various State Coroner’s Inquests and Inquiries.

Joe is sought out by clients for his expertise in redundancies, unfair dismissals, general protections (adverse action) claims, executive and complex dismissals and separations, discrimination claims, industrial disputes, managing long and short term injured workers, troublesome workers compensation claims, employee fraud, employee privacy and surveillance, investigations (including in connection with whistleblower complaints), and the defence of underpayment claims brought by employees, unions and the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Click here to read more about Joe Murphy

Zoe is an employment relations, industrial relations and WHS lawyer who has dedicated her career to assisting businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of the workplace relations system in managing difficult situations with legally and strategically sound solutions.

She has appeared on behalf of clients in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, Fair Work Commission, Federal Circuit Court and the Supreme Court.

Zoe has worked on a range of matters including post-employment restraint disputes, executive retrenchments, workplace and WHS investigations, business restructuring, the modern award reviews and award interpretation and policy work, contract and policy drafting and disputes, and enterprise bargaining including complex negotiations and disputes, privacy and safety matters and agreement negotiations.

She has been recognised in Best Lawyers for Labour and Employment Law (Sydney) in the inaugural “Ones to Watch” listing in 2022 and again in 2023.

Click here to read more about Zoe McQuillan

Event Schedule

July 25th, 2024 9:30am to 2:30pm (AEST)