Third Party Family Law Disputes

Third Party Family Law Disputes

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The joinder and intervention of third parties in matrimonial disputes is on the rise and has almost become common place.

In joining third parties, a spouse is usually seeking to widen the asset pool available for distribution, or to point to financial resources that can be targeted for spousal maintenance. As such, third parties can face significant and unexpected consequences arising from a Family Court ruling pertaining to their commercial and business interests.

Cowell Clarke provides a range of advisory and litigation services to protect business and family interests that could be subject to matrimonial proceedings. We help our clients limit their exposure to family court proceedings and resist claims against them.

Receiving early advice outside of the family law jurisdiction allows our clients to understand the broader implications of claims on their business and corporate structure as well as explore all avenues to resist subpoenas or joinder applications.


  • Documenting business arrangements to reflect arm’s length transactions

  • Advising on and resisting subpoena applications

  • Defending Family Court Proceedings

  • Negotiating settlement of claim by one spouse;

  • Intervening in Family Court Proceedings where a third party’s rights may be impacted by a decision imposed on the parties to the primary proceedings.