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Franchise Portal

The Franchise Portal assists franchisors in the management, operation, and compliance of their franchise business

Cowell Clarke has developed the Franchise Portal to assist our franchisor clients with the management of their operational and compliance requirements. The solution combines a wide range of digital functionalities to streamline approval workflows, action items, internal and external communications, document management, and reporting.

Franchise Site Management

The portal manages individual files for each franchise site initiating workflows by changes such as renewals or site sales. Workflow prompts initiated by these changes include department approvals, document preparation and custom task acknowledgements.

Communication and Collaboration with Franchisees

The portal’s checklist functionality automates the process of data collection and document sharing with franchisees while maintaining security and limited access for them as third-party users. This functionality eases the burden of reoccurring requirements such as collating current insurance certificates or police checks from franchisees or sharing renewal documentation.

Document Management

The portal hosts additional workflows for the preparation, approval, execution and variation of legal documentation including leasing agreements, licence agreements, franchise agreements and supply agreements. If requested, the franchise portal can be implemented to include ongoing collaboration with Cowell Clarke's legal teams assisting in the preparation of agreements forming part of the workflow.


The portal consolidates numerous data points and documentation from across the various functionalities to produce customisable, interactive and exportable reports. These capabilities are invaluable in assisting franchisors to fulfil their compliance obligations including meeting timeframes and the preparation and circulation of disclosure documentation.

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