Insights / November 20th, 2023

Agribusiness Hot Topics Tackled In Latest Adviser Guide

20 November 2023

Tax effective succession planning, carbon farming and energy company negotiations represent some of the most contentious and complex challenges facing agribusiness operators across Australia.

A new adviser handbook just released addresses these hot topics and other new and emerging issues facing the sector.

The Cowell Clarke Australian Agribusiness Advisers’ Guide has been revised to include the latest regulatory and legal changes impacting the industry.

The Guide is a must read for professional advisers looking to navigate the complex tax and business environment confronting agribusiness operators across industries.

Cowell Clarke Director and Head of the firm’s Agribusiness legal practice, Peter Slegers, said since the Guide was first launched last year it has become essential reading for professional advisers.

“The Guide offers solutions and guidance to accountants, agribusiness consultants, chief financial officers and other advisers in the sector,” Mr Slegers said.

“It focuses on the tax, structuring, transactional and succession planning needs of primary producers and other related businesses. Following the positive feedback we’ve received since we launched the Guide last year, we are now releasing an updated version to capture additional issues facing advisers and their clients.”

The second edition of the Guide includes new commentary on areas including:

  • Section 100A trust strategies for minimising exposure in private agribusiness groups

  •  Carbon farming and tax relief for primary producers

  •  NSW duty exemption for land transfers to trusts

  •  Energy company liaison and negotiation

  • Proposed superannuation earnings tax on primary production land holdings

It also provides additional strategies for managing transactions, restructuring and succession planning.

The Guide has been written by Peter Slegers and Senior Associates Joshua Pascale and Daniel Marateo who are members of Cowell Clarke’s leading agribusiness practice group.

It has earned widespread praise from advisers across Australia.

“In over 25 years of practice, I am yet to see a publication that remotely matches the Cowell Clarke guide for its quality, depth and breadth of information. “

Gavin Smith (Director – Smith Shearer), Esperance, WA


“Absolute lifesaver. I keep a copy of this guide on my desk handy at all times.”

Rebecca Jeffriess (Partner - Moore Australia), Brisbane


“I recommend Cowell Clarke and this guide to all advisers working with farming families in Australia.”

Matthew Meehan (Adviser, Accountant & Business Coach - Lifesolver), Armidale, NSW


“It is a ‘one stop shop’ reference for issues affecting our Agribusiness clients. Clear language, with practical tips and examples.”

Joanne Kelly (Principal, Forsyths), Gunnedah, NSW 


“I am yet to come across any other agribusiness guide which covers this level of detail.”

Michael Parker (Partner - Mott Finnis & Co), Naracoorte and Coonawarra, SA


“The comprehensive content of this publication puts it in a prominent position in our professional library.”

Colin Whitehead (Director, GPK Partners) and Clara Henderson (Associate, GPK Partners), Port Lincoln & Adelaide


“Working with mostly rural, regional and agri-clients it provides practical easy to read guidance on what can often be complicated and emotional client issues.”
Tim Siebert (Partner – Bentleys) and Cristina Clemente (Partner – Bentleys), South Australia and Northern Territory


"We have a number of copies circulating the office, and we use them all the time."

Matthew Vandenheuvel (Principal – Brentnalls NSW) and Warren Smith (Director - Brentnalls NSW), Sydney and Regional NSW


To obtain a copy of The Australian Agribusiness Advisers’ Guide go to:  https://www.cowellclarke.com.au/shop

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