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The financial services regime in Australia is complex and will evolve significantly over the coming years as technology plays a bigger role in how financial services are delivered.

Additionally, since the Royal Commission, ASIC is flexing its enforcement muscles and actively policing the financial services industry. This includes increasing the use of ASIC notices, examinations, desk top reviews of disclosure documents, e-surveillance, e-investigation and e-discovery for investigation and discovery of breaches.

Cowell Clarke makes the complex simple.

Our clients include dealer groups, superannuation trustees, payment providers, financial advisers, fund managers, corporate advisers, licensed accountants and syndicators. We provide bespoke advice to clients and work as a natural extension to in-house risk, compliance and legal teams.

We assist with every stage of the business lifecycle – from drafting and negotiating agreements to acting as regulator liaison in relation to interviews, examinations, investigations or audits by the regulator. We have assisted our clients to successfully apply for Australian Financial Services Licences (AFSL), Australian Credit Licences (ACL), and other licenses. We also have expertise in advising clients on anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) and how to manage their money laundering and terrorism financing risks. Importantly, we continue to assist our clients achieve AFSL compliance in their regulated businesses.

We have developed an online AFSL Compliance Support Service which provides risk management and compliance solutions for our clients. The AFSL Compliance Support Service is more than just an online solution. Sitting behind it are real people with real-world experience delivering legal advice that is practical and commercial for financial service providers.

Our practical experience, insights and passion to see financial services businesses thrive set us apart.