Insights / February 21st, 2018

New building work notification requirements for building work involving building cladding

Under the changes to the Development Regulations (the regulations) two new definitions will be introduced for designated buildings and designated building products. These definitions will relate to buildings and products designated by the Minister by notice under Schedule 5, clause 1(1)(h) of the regulations.

Details (as specified by the Minister) of the designated building product will also need to be provided as part of the application for building rules consent. As yet, no notice has been published designating buildings or products. You can expect however that a designated building product will include building cladding.

Regulation 74 will be amended to include an additional notification requirement which will apply to building work involving a designated building product. From 12 March, if you are using a designated building product on a designated building, you must give notice to council one business day before the intended commencement of the installation of the designated building product. No details of the form of the notification have been released.

A further notice must be given within one day of the notice of intended commencement of installation which contains a prescribed supervisor’s check list relating to the installation. The checklist must be signed by the building work supervisor and provided to council. A draft of the proposed supervisor’s check list has not yet been released.

Amendments to regulation 83(3) will mean that councils cannot dispense with the requirement to provide a statement of compliance if the building work involves a designated building product and is carried out after the commencement date of the regulations.

Watch this space for further details on the Minister’s designations and the supervisor’s check list.

If you have any queries in relation to the changes, please contact Kathryn Walker or one of our team.