Rick Allert

Brett and I have worked together since the very formation of Cowell Clarke.

Brett has been my lawyer of choice for over 30 years. He is very professional, gives valuable and timely advice, prompt service and has a broad base of skills and experience.

Brett always thinks things through. He has assisted me in complicated negotiations and has helped me to avoid the traps of signing an agreement before all of the ‘what ifs’ have been answered.

All of the partners of Cowell Clarke are aligned culturally such that all of the partners and staff that I deal with, give the same level of service. The partners have a wide set of skills, borne out of years of practice and experience at a national and international level.

I recommend Cowell Clarke to many people and have found that virtually all have become long standing clients.

It is always a pleasure dealing with professionals.

Rick Allert AO
Company Director

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