Glen Simpson (Coffey International)

I’ve been seeking advice from Brett for a long time, even before he went out on his own to establish Cowell Clarke.  We have worked together continuously since, over the decades.  Our company has been acquired, purchased other businesses, been active internationally and relocated offices.  Because of this, our parent company legal advisors have changed, but I have always referred to Brett for complicated matters. 

I always use Cowell Clarke on complicated multi-jurisdictional matters particularly in developing countries and the Middle East.  They are more than helpful.  Brett led our largest acquisition, in 2008, of an American company.  It was a long negotiation and a complicated deal. 

Brett knows our business.  I don’t have to explain it. He understands our genesis and has a deep level of knowledge that provides continuity.  Good lawyers and solicitors know your risk tolerance, without you having to establish it through brail.  He just knows where we are at, how far to push, what we stand for and our principals.  This is not a skill that can be readily emulated by other practitioners. 

In essence, we are always in tune about where a case is heading and where we want to land.  All the other things that one expects from a good law firm – professionalism, knowledge, experience, due diligence, quality, timeliness of advice – Cowell Clarke has in spades.  This level of insight is invaluable.

Glen Simpson
Group Executive
Coffey International Limited

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