Hospitality & Liquor Licensing

Hospitality & Liquor Licensing

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The right legal advice and assistance can mean the difference between running a successful business or having a licence revoked and an application denied.

Cowell Clarke’s Liquor Licensing team are experienced in dealing with managing the application process and have expertise in providing strategic and practical advice on the relevant licensing requirements. We can help simplify the application process and make certain that your business has the licence it requires.

We support a variety of clients with Liquor Licensing issues including start-ups, small and medium enterprises, landlord and tenants, family businesses and public listed companies. These clients operate entities such as bottle shops, small bars, restaurants, wineries, entertainment venues and large hotels. Our clients value our approach to their matters and the experience we have across Liquor Licensing.

Our team can also represent you in the Liquor Licensing Court and negotiate on your behalf with the relevant Government bodies. If you would like assistance in applying for a new licence, updating a current licence, transferring a licence or ensuring that you are a compliant licensee, please contact one of our team members.

  • New licences

  • Licence types (including new licence types to be introduced in late 2019)

  • Licence requirements and compliance

  • Licence conditions and variation of licence conditions

  • Objections to licence applications

  • Transfer and removals

  • Licences held by landlord in possession

  • Extension of trading area or variation of trading hours

  • Disputes

  • Liaising with local council and other relevant bodies to expedite the approval of your Liquor Licence application

  • Representation in the Liquor Licensing Court