State agency development exemption for sites supporting “our energy plan”

Hornsdale, Lonsdale and Elizabeth South sites have been granted schedule 14 exemption as energy security projects.

Three South Australian sites have been exempted from development approval under the Schedule 14 State Agency Development exemption. The sites are:

  • Hornsdale;
  • The desalination plant at Lonsdale; and
  • The General Motors Holden Site in Elizabeth South.

Under Schedule 14, the construction, reconstruction or alteration of a battery storage facility (with a total capacity of more than 25 MW that is capable of being charged, storing energy and discharging the State’s power system) for the purposes of supporting the security or reliability of the State’s power system is exempt from requiring approval under the usual public infrastructure pathway prescribed by section 49 of the Development Act.

The exemptions support the SA Government’s “our energy plan” by facilitating the construction and installation of the 100MW battery storage facility by Tesla and Neoen at Hornsdale and the temporary quick start GE aero derivative turbine generators at Lonsdale and Elizabeth.

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