More developments to be “called-in” by State Coordinator General

The threshold values of development that may be assigned by the State Coordinator General to the State Planning Commission for assessment under Schedule 10 of the Development Regulations 2008 have changed.

Previously, the State Coordinator General could assign any development in the State with a works value exceeding $3M which was either of economic significance to the State or qualified under a specific scheme.

Under the amended Schedule 10, the State Coordinator General may now assign any development that is not solely for residential purposes and which, when all stages of the development are completed, exceeds:

  • $5M – within Metropolitan Adelaide;
  • $3M – outside Metropolitan Adelaide.

The amendment removes the previous ambiguity surrounding solely residential development and makes it clear that the powers of the State Coordinator General are not for purely residential developments but are rather directed at retail, commercial and industrial developments.

Multi-use developments, such as aged care and student accommodation, which meet the value thresholds and include a residential component, can be assigned to the State Planning Commission.

The amendments remove the previous threshold tests of economic significance to the State or a specific scheme meaning that more developments are eligible for assignment to the State Planning Commission.

The amendment also clarifies what factors of the development are included in determining whether it meets the threshold values. Although amounts paid to purchase land or an interest in land cannot be included, the following works and services are:

  • any building, structure or any improvements or other physical changes to a building or structure;
  • any improvements or physical changes to land;
  • any preliminary work (including site clearance, demolition and remediation);
  • any professional services;
  • the provision of, or any modifications to, infrastructure; and
  • any construction work, fit out, signage, utilities, communications, security services, landscaping and contingencies.

For further information about the amended Schedule 10, please contact Kathryn Walker or Leah Cowell.

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