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Contract Management Portal

The Contract Management Portal acts as a functional and user-friendly central repository document management system.

The portal includes document storage and management, administrative workflows arising from documentation, generation of reports to management and the board, key date tracking and reminders and third-party data collection. The solution is configured to accommodate individual business nuances and preferences, ensuring the management of the full suite of corporate documents, including:

  • corporate documentation including share registers, meeting agendas, explanatory notes, board papers, minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings and reports;
  • personnel contracts and other employment and contractor records; and
  • supplier and customer documentation.

    The portal can be configured to provide automatic updates and reminders for key actions that may be required for executed documentation as well as document drafting workflows. The solution can also be utilised to generate standardised corporate documentation such as employee contracts and policies or confidentiality agreements from template documents.

    In addition to the above, the portal provides benefits to businesses including:

    • customisable workflows including automated reminders, task acknowledgements and/or approvals;
    • interactive data summaries including live dashboards and exportable reports (PDF and spreadsheet);
    • streamlined and secure communication and data collection with third parties such as customers or suppliers;
    • a fully reportable audit history of all data and documentation;
    • centralised, active, customisable repository for secure or permissioned access to all stored corporate documentation.

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