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Leasing Solution

The Leasing Portal assists lessors in the preparation, management, and operation of their leases across multiple locations and jurisdictions.

The Leasing Portal captures business critical information allowing lessors to view and utilise lease information and ancillary agreements from anywhere at any time. The solution gathers a wide range of detail within leases including, but not limited to, lessee details, rental figures, special conditions, and risk factors within leases allowing the user to produce template documentation and customised reports as well as gather insights.

The Leasing Portal acts as a powerful business management tool for lessors through utilising functionalities such as document storage, administrative workflows, report generation, management of key dates and third-party data collection. The solution assists lessors in setting relevant protocols for the operation of their business, such as lease approval processes and risk mitigation procedures that have been customised to individual business requirements. If requested, the Leasing Portal can be implemented to include ongoing collaboration with Cowell Clarke's legal teams assisting in the preparation of agreements forming part of the workflow.