Natasha Nicholas

Chief Operating Officer

Natasha Nicholas is the Chief Operating Officer at Cowell Clarke. She works at the team level, with two hardworking and vibrant groups, to provide efficiency across the practice.

Natasha is responsible for all things relating to finance and IT. She works closely with the directors to develop the firm’s growth across all areas. The financial and IT systems have been designed to provide a bird’s eye view at the firm level, with built in flexibility to cater for individual practice area and director requirements. With improved analysis, Natasha has implemented meaningful reporting and improved financial and IT systems and strategies to maximise cash flow and profitability. Operationally, she ensures environmental and workplace compliance.

Natasha has over 20 years’ experience working in many different industries all around the world. Her career has taken her to Sydney, Byron Bay, The British Virgin Islands and the UK, to work in a variety of industries including banking, Japanese trading companies, education, property development, accounting and small business management.

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